Hello and welcome to the employment page of the Little Sisters of the Poor in St. Louis! My name is Michael Deering and I am the Human Resources Director for our St. Louis Residence.

As employees, we share in the work of the Little Sisters by assisting them in their mission of hospitality – welcoming the elderly poor, making them happy and caring for them until God calls them home.† Following the example of Saint Jeanne Jugan, we contribute to the family spirit and the daily life of the home as we carry out our varied roles.

Would you like to become an integral part of the Little Sisters mission?

Are you interested in being an extension of their hands in work?

If so, we welcome your inquiries.

We provide equal employment opportunities in the areas of administration, maintenance, dietary, activities, nursing, social services, housekeeping and laundry.

Please contact me to find out about current employment opportunities. You can reach me at hrstlouis@littlesistersofthepoor.org.

“Never forget the Poor are Our Lord.”-
St. Jeanne Jugan