Meet Our Family

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“I’m remembering St. Jeanne Jugan’s words—that our mission is to ‘make the elderly happy.’ As part of Association Jeanne Jugan, I try to live St. Jeanne Jugan’s charism of hospitality and joy and care of the elderly in a homelike environment. I have worked at our Residence for twelve years–the last four by caring for the accounts of the Residents. I love dealing with the Residents and listening to them voice their concerns, and helping the Sisters. I really like my job.”

- Laura Hirlinger, Resident Accounts, AJJ member

“As a St. Louis teenager, I volunteered years ago at the original building on these grounds. My late husband and I have continued to volunteer for years. What is meaningful to me is the beauty of the Congregation of Little Sisters in seeing Christ in the elderly poor. To serve them, we serve Christ. As the provincial coordinator of Association Jeanne Jugan for the Chicago Province, I work with the coordinators at the other ten homes. We are the closest collaborators with the Little Sisters. I take a weekly thought from the Sunday liturgy and apply it to the words of St. Jeanne Jugan to send along to all the coordinators to give us spiritual guidance. I am honored to be an AJJ member. We work with many volunteers from local high schools and others to serve lunches to the Residents a few days a week, and on the floors with the needs of our Residents in their rooms. We try to lend a personal touch to the Residents. The difference in our Residence from other facilities is that our work is an apostolate. We are striving to set an example of holistic care for the elderly every day.”

- Lois Coleman, AJJ Provincial Coordinator; Volunteer

“As a Missouri native, I’ve spent 36 years as a janitor at the home, and now four years as a Resident. I enjoy everything and couldn’t ask for a better place to live. The Sisters are wonderful. Growing up in the Pentecostal church, I was received into the Catholic community this year. I always look forward to vacation time when I go fishing on the Mississippi River with my two friends. This is my family. I would do it all over again if I could.”

- Steve Gray, Resident; retired employee